The largest nation in the world, bordering on two oceans and a landscape that goes from the Tundra and the forest to the subtropical beaches, without a doubt a country full of drastic contrast that will impress you.

Get into Russian Culture and be amazed by the various drinks produced in the country; after tasting the iconic vodka, take time for their beers and to tour one of its wine-growing areas. Start your tour of the former Soviet Union in Moscow, the country’s historical economic and political center. Visit the Red Square, Lenin’s Mausoleum; be amazed by the iconic Saint Basil’s Cathedral and tour the Kremlin, surrounded by walls of palaces and churches.

Continue your tour of Saint Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia and stroll along its canals along the Neva River and discover a city where golden-domed churches, grand palaces, squares, and bridges abound.